At DHA, we value every animal equally and consider all to be priceless. Some of our adoption fees vary and are dependent on many factors including age, size, breed, medical condition, and public demand.

Our adoption fees make caring for the animals in our Center possible. We provide veterinary care to each of our animals prior to adoption and incur those costs as soon as the animals enter our facility, regardless of how long they stay with us before finding their forever families. Adoption fees offset these costs and enable us to provide high-quality care for each and every animal who passes through our doors.

Higher adoption fees for animals that are easy to place gives us additional resources to provide extra help to other animals in our shelter, such as those that may require more specific medical treatment, behavior training, or those who simply have a more difficult time finding the right family and take a little longer to find their home.

Prior to adoption, each dog and cat at DHA has been examined by our veterinarian, received age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, treated with flea and tick preventative, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. Rabies vaccinations are given to animals over three months of age. All dogs are tested for heartworm, and cats are tested for FIV and FeLV.


Puppies (under 6 months of age) $475
Puppies (6 months – 1 year) $275
Small Breed (6 months – 7 years) $325
Adult Dogs (1 year – 7 years) $225
Senior Dogs (8+ years) $100
Special Needs Dog (any age) $75
High Demand Breeds + $100

A collar and leash are required to bring your new dog or puppy home. Adopters can purchase these from our on-site available selection or should purchase the appropriate item(s) prior to adopting.

In addition, every Delaware resident who owns a dog must have it licensed or risk incurring fines. Dog licenses can be purchased at the center during the adoption counseling session or online. Please see our dog licensing page for more information. Out-of-state adopters will need to purchase a license separately, if required.


Kittens (under 1 year) $110
2 Kittens $150
Adult Cats (1 year – 7 years) $80
Senior Cats (8+ years) $50
Special Needs Cat (any age) $35
High Demand Breeds + $50

An appropriate carrier is required to take your new cat or kitten home. Adopters can purchase one from our on-site available selection or should purchase the appropriate item(s) prior to adopting.

Ongoing Adoption Fee Discounts

Kitty Combo

Any combination of two felines will have a discount of $50 off the total fee. This is for felines not required to go together, but are adopted at the same time!

Double Stuffed Adoptions

Any indicated bonded pair of dogs or cats are the cost of a single cat or dog adoption (BOGO, if you will). Double adoptions are always double the fun and double the love! They are essentially a bonus, pre-made pack for anyone looking to eventually own two dogs or cats.

Lollygagger Special

In an effort to help find our “Lollygaggers” a home sooner, select pets have ongoing discounts! Any animal waiting 6+ months from date of adoption availability will have a waived fee for an approved adopter or any animal waiting 3+ months from date of adoption availability will have their adoption fee reduced by half for an approved adopter.

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior citizens age 65 and older are eligible to receive a $25 discount on adoptions.

Military Service Discount

We offer a 10% discount on the adoption fee for any dog or cat for adopters who have served in the military and show a valid ID.

How to Pay

We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Payment is accepted at the end of your adoption session. Please note discounts cannot be combined.

Every animal that DHA intakes is provided with a basic standard of care to prepare them for adoption, including spay/neuter surgery, testing for common diseases, vaccinations, and microchipping. The majority of animals that enter our shelter have NOT received this care prior to their arrival. The costs can add up to a significant amount for DHA, and our adoption fees help us recover only a portion of these expenses.



Veterinary Exam $55 Veterinary Exam $55
Microchip $75 Microchip $75
Spay/Neuter Surgery $235-400 Spay/Neuter Surgery $235-400
Initial Deworming $16 Initial Deworming $10
Pre-adoption Vaccinations $64-84 Pre-adoption Vaccinations $64-84
Frontline $17 Frontline $17
Heartworm Test $70 FeLV/FIV Test $70
Food and Board for one week $140 Food and Board for one week $112
Average Adoption Fee (-$150) Average Adoption Fee (-$65)
YOU SAVE   $223 YOU SAVE   $280

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