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  • Cyndie O'Brien

    I am interested in donating a car. It would need to be towed, which I believe I can arrange. If DHA accepts such, I would be happy to discuss. not sure what you do with them, but it would need some work, and is not currently drivable. Please let me know whether or not interested; if not, I’d like to find a similar organization to which to donate. Thanks!

    • Hi Cyndie,

      Our apologies for the delayed response! If you have not yet been able to contact someone about this, you can reach out to Greg Munson at He would be happy to discuss this further!

  • Sandra Breneman

    I work at in long term care and we would like to have pet visits.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Due to our frequent turn over of animals, we likely would not be able to assist with something like this. You may have a better outcome with animals who are specifically trained to do this sort of work! We are supporters of Paws For People who specialize in recruiting pet therapy teams and sending them to various locations! Their website is 🙂

  • Pamela De Lacy

    I’m Pam with persian rescue and we were trying to help with a blue point himilayan named Lilly who is 10 years old. I was told the son of the owner brought her to your facility. I don’t see her on your website. We desperately would like to help her. Please let me know if she is still there and if we can help. Thank you. Pam

    • Hi Pam,

      Lilly has actually been adopted! Thank you so much for reaching out!

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