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    • Cyndie O'Brien

      I am interested in donating a car. It would need to be towed, which I believe I can arrange. If DHA accepts such, I would be happy to discuss. not sure what you do with them, but it would need some work, and is not currently drivable. Please let me know whether or not interested; if not, I’d like to find a similar organization to which to donate. Thanks!

    • Sandra Breneman

      I work at in long term care and we would like to have pet visits.

    • Pamela De Lacy

      I’m Pam with persian rescue and we were trying to help with a blue point himilayan named Lilly who is 10 years old. I was told the son of the owner brought her to your facility. I don’t see her on your website. We desperately would like to help her. Please let me know if she is still there and if we can help. Thank you. Pam

    • Hi Sandra,

      Due to our frequent turn over of animals, we likely would not be able to assist with something like this. You may have a better outcome with animals who are specifically trained to do this sort of work! We are supporters of Paws For People who specialize in recruiting pet therapy teams and sending them to various locations! Their website is 🙂

    • Hi Cyndie,

      Our apologies for the delayed response! If you have not yet been able to contact someone about this, you can reach out to Greg Munson at He would be happy to discuss this further!

    • Hi Pam,

      Lilly has actually been adopted! Thank you so much for reaching out!

    • Beth Silver

      I want to confirm DHA has received my completed perpetual care program paperwork for my cat Callie in the event of my death. I mailed it to Patrick Carroll 2 weeks ago.

    • Dale Freund

      Hi, I rescued 5 kittens from outside of my school yesterday and took them home. They were born on 2/8 and I have been feeding the mom cat and them since before they were born. I would like to socialize and potty train them because I know that is the only way they will be adopted and I have done this once before for another kitten. My question is can I bring them to you for shots/testing at a reduced fee if I foster them? I know you are having a clinic on Saturday, but I do not know if I can handle the five kittens in a crowded situation and do not want to spend a small fortune on these kittens. Please let me know if there is another time that I could bring them in for examination.
      Thank you,
      Dale Freund
      410-641-3763 Home
      443-209-1937 cell

    • Joan B ONeill

      Please email me a form for donating a memorial brick. I visited on Sunday but there was no one who could help.
      Thanks so much
      Joan B. O’Neill

    • Mairi Moore

      Mairi Moore 302-723-0198 – Concerning Charli Hennessy-Moore

      My mother just received a phone call stating I had two days to bring my dog Charli whom I adopted in December, into be spayed or you would come and take her.

      First off, your company let us adopt a dog that was not spayed. I took her to our veterinarian under an EMERGENCY ROOM visit because when she began bleeding we thought something was wrong. When they looked her over they found she had not been spayed. I REACHED OUT TO YOU to let you know what had been done and after reviewing the paperwork you agreed that she had been allowed to be adopted without this procedure being done. We scheduled the spaying for that Friday, however my vet said that she was so swollen and sick due to being in heat that any procedure done at that time would be a high risk surgery and that I should not do it. I contacted you back to let you know this and that we would schedule the spaying when she was out of heat. I have received multiple calls from your company stating that she needs to be spayed. DO YOU NOT THINK WE DO NOT KNOW THIS? I have two other rescue dogs with my sister and both are spayed, shots up to date, yearly dental cleanings, 6 month checkups, etc for the past 15 years. I know how to take care of an animal, know what needs to be done and treat those in my care like a family member.

      I scheduled another vet appointment 1.5 weeks ago and Charli was still not out of heat and she was still swollen. We received another phone call today saying if Charli was not brought in then you would come to take her.

      I have contacted a lawyer to see how to move forward if I receive another phone call or threat about this. When I contacted your company twice, once to let you know the mistake and once again to let you know what the vet stated it would make the procedure dangerous, I did not think I would be harassed and threatened into doing a procedure that should have already been done and at the very least be done in during a time that made a normal surgery into a high risk surgery. I thought your company was all about protecting dogs, not putting them in riskier situations?

      I also did not ask for you to reimburse me for both veterinary visits even though I believe I have the right to. I am going to be faxing you a letter from the vet. If your company contacts me one more time about Charli before our vet gives the okay for her to go under the surgery then I will be taking you to court to pay for all three vet appointments, all prompted because of this issue, and for the spaying to be done by another veterinarian as it is now clear to me that you do not consider her safety first. You may contact me at (302) 723-0198 to resolve this issue. I will also be sending you the vet information. If you come to our house I will contact the police and the newspaper.

      I highly suggest that an administrator contact me and not the person who called our house threatening us and that the phone conversation be productive and non-threatening. I would like to think that we both have Charlis best interest at heart, please do not make me think otherwise.

    • Gemma Tyler


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      Thanks for your time.

      Kind Regards
      Gemma Tyler

    • Emma Shenk

      Hello! I am the Membership & Events Manager at the Delaware Children’s Museum. I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in being a part of an upcoming summer event at the DCM on Friday, July 28th, from 5pm-8pm. Various animal related community organizations are coming to the museum to help educate families and kids about animal health and care. Last year we had service dogs and adoptable dog in the museum to interact with guests. If the appropriate person could get in touch with me, I would love to speak with you about the event! Thank you and have a great day.
      -Emma Shenk-

    • Phyllis Valente

      Phyllis Valente
      Hello I adopted Bruno yesterday at Bellevue Park. We love him tons alreardy . I noticed he has worms. And need advice ASAP. Please

    • R. Cozzi

      Do you accept stray cats? I have been admitted to a nursing home & no
      longer can take of this cat.
      Please let me know your policy on surrendering a cat.
      Thank you for your response.

    • Stacey Reid

      I would like to know how to report a store that I TRUELY believe has these pets under poor conditions?

    • Hi Stacey,
      Thanks for contacting us and for your concern for the welfare of animals. Unfortunately, Delaware Humane Association does not have the animal control contract for the City of Wilmington or the State of Delaware, so we do not have legal authority to do any kind of animal control or investigation of animal abuse. We also do not have the staffing or resources for this type of activity. You can find who to contact about animal cruelty and control here:

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