Become a DHA Foster Parent

Looking for the purrfect volunteer job? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Foster parenting is a rewarding experience, enabling you to help our most helpless animals get a second chance as they regain health, learn to trust in humans, and acquire social development in preparation for permanent adoption. As a foster parent, you will provide temporary care for long or short periods of time for young animals (and in some cases their mothers), as well as sick, injured, or under-socialized animals, until they can be safely returned to the shelter for adoption.

You will need to participate in brief training prior to your first assignment, and will be given additional instruction on an as-needed basis prior to each assignment. If you have pets at home, you must also have an appropriate, separate area of their home where you can keep foster animals away from them.

DHA will provide food, all necessary supplies (such as bedding, litter box, etc.), and medical care for all DHA foster animals. You provide love, individual attention, and a stress-free environment, as well as a willingness to work with DHA medical staff to give our foster animals the best care possible.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, you will need to join DHA’s Volunteer program. Please visit Become a Volunteer for more information. You will also need to complete a Foster Parent Application, which can be filled out online by clicking here. Thank you for your interest!

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